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Phoenix Seminar Series: on-going

Tucson Seminar Series: on-going

Previous Events:


*****2008 -2010 Nanotechnology Essay Contest*****

*****2010 CEO Solar Forum*****

The ceo solar Forum is a joining of arizona leaders to discuss the importance of solar to Arizona and how our efforts to promote the emerging nanotechnology solar industry will form a new technology base for Arizona.

*****Arizona 3rd Nanotechnology Symposium*****

"Small is Big: Global Perspectives on Nanotechnology". This all day event was held at Scottsdale Community College Performing Arts Center, Scottsdale, AZ. For Information: Symposium. (4/10/08)

*****AZ Nanotech Cluster's 2nd Annual Symposium*****

"Real Progress, Real Products"  (3/23/07)

Photos of our symposium (courtesy of Mark Goldstein of International Research Center):

Additional photos of our symposium (courtesy of Gerald Thurman of Scottsdale Community College  and the symposium steering committee)

Francine Hardaway of Stealthmode wrote a nice piece about our symposium in her blog (March 26, 2007).

Cindy Pillote of Snell and Wilmer and a member of the symposium steering committee wrote a very nice opinion piece on Nanotechnology in the Phoenix Business Journal.

Article by Ty Young of the Business Journal on our symposium:^1436072

Article in the Scottsdale Republic by Jane Larson:

Governor's Celebration of Innovation Gala Awards Nanocluster Officer's the Chairman's Award for Volunteerism (12/7/06)

Photos of the Governor's Celebration of Innovation: Courtesy of Mark Goldstein of the International Research Center:

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